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Staff Care

Professional, Dedicated and Committed talents are the key factor of the success of Konnoc.


Konnoc is equipped with a group of skillful and professional backbone staffs.  We make every worker have a good knowledge of his/her specific work and occupation development channel through the position analysis and optimization.  Besides, by skill level assessment of the production line workers, it makes the promotion channel clear and stimulates the workers to develop their skills and tap their talents.  It favors the skillful workers and cadres when it comes to bonus granting and salary raise based on position value.  


It is important to have talents for an enterprise.  But it is more important to have the talents to devote themselves into the company.  

Konnoc highly value the opinions and suggestions from the staffs.  The excutive team listen to the staff representatives at regular intervals.  It will adopt the reasonable suggestions and resolve the problems come across.  For those unreasonable requests, we will communicate well and eliminate the misunderstanding.  It is favorable to have a harmonious working circumstance.   


Unity is strength! High internal cohesion is the best prescription for efficiency improvement and common target achieving.  To achieve this, we need to connect the future of the coporation with the personal career prospects. 

We highlight the importance of coporate culture and operation philosophy in committing staff fighting for the company which we start with the recruitment.  We will try to learn as much the personal information and family background as possible in the interview.  At the same time, we will give a full introduction of the basic information of the company, corporate culture, operation philosophy, position description, salary and benefits and promotion channel so that both parties can have a better understanding of each other to make a better decision.